monthly design packages

In April 2019 I began offering monthly design packages. The decision was simple really; to save time and money for my clients.

A monthly design package could be beneficial for you if you’d like:

Monthly Design Packages
Monthly Design Package

what can be created with a monthly design package?


Remove the need for the ‘boring admin stuff’ at the beginning of each project and get straight on with creating beautiful content.

Booking time in advance saves money, compared to budgeting projects one at a time.

Work with someone who already understands your brand – create the best content.

Be accountable for your design and marketing goals. I bring your projects to life month after month… time to start ticking those to-do lists.

Priority access to someone you can trust. Secure set monthly hours so you don’t need to worry about booking in ahead of time.

A monthly fee guarantees the price so you always know in advance what the financial investment will be for my services.


1 day a month

This might include:

2 days a month

This might include:

3 days a month

This might include: